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Guides for Writing a Personal Statement in College

Guides for Writing a Personal Statement in College

College life is filled with so many events and activities. These days, most college students are always working and finding time to indulge in other errands, like personal statements writing. Now, what makes a personal statement stand out? Does this mean that there are certain rules that you should follow when writing one? Let’s find that out by reading through this post!

What Makes a Personal Statement Unique?

Most students will tell you that there isn’t a standard personal statement that you can source from any service for writing services. To make things simple for you, we will break down all that you should know when writing a personal statement in college.

  1. The introduction section

Here, the first thing that the reader should do is reading through the introduction section. It would be best if you had a skeleton of a draft that you can refer to during the writing process. Remember, the purpose of the introduction is to hook the reader and provide an overview of the main argument in the body section.

A summary section at this point would be crucial as it offers a single central reason for writing the article. It helps a lot to provide some info that links the reader to the main argument of your personal statement. If you can do that, it becomes easy to understand why you chose that particular topic. Remember, this will then make it easy for the committee to understand why you chose to write such a statement.

  1. Body section

At this stage, your personal statement should contain more than just an outline. The body section, more so, is a summary of your entire writing. Often, students would include their writing skills in their statement because this is where you can showcase your capability of writing academic documents and skillset. Be keen to capture all your skillset points here.

At this stage, you can mention some relevant skills that you have that the committee might want to read more about. Remember, it wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t include these skills and your achievements because they are also present in the college application letter. When writing this section, you should ensure that you include:

  1. Your research skills

In the first line of your introductory paragraph, you should state that you have some background data to help the committee understand the reasons why you chose that particular course. Now, how will you secure more data for the reasons? Be keen to capture only relevant data.

Research skills, for instance, can be related to customer care services. This would be something that a customer might want to take a call from, for example. As such, you’ll want to capture this information in the introduction section.

  1. Qualifications and experiences

In this section, you’ll be highlighting all your skillset points. Be quick to explain why you chose the chosen course, your competence in the course, and a look into the results you’ll achieve when you go through the coursework.

  1. The conclusion

Your final paragraph should sum up all that you have included in the body. The relevant points should make a gradual transition to the rest of your personal statement. Besides, you must provide reasons why the choice was made.

Now, are you ready to submit a personal statement to college?

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